My name is Erik and over the last ten years I have been very interested in the concept of conveying information. Sometimes it concerns teaching a class or a colleague about something by giving a live presentation. Sometimes it’s about writing documentation, a news article or a blog post. Regardless, it is always about you knowing something and a wish to share that something with someone else.

During my university studies I started teaching mathematics to younger peers using the Socratic method; and quite early on realised that I wanted to make a career out of understanding – and helping others understand – how people and organisations can be more efficient when it comes to creating and sharing information.

Since graduating, I have been able to combine my interest in technology with the one I have for conveying information in the areas around Continuous Everything1 and today, I run a small consultancy company focused on solving the issue with feedback in tech organisations.

What is feedback really?
How do we ensure we get the right information to the right people?
Who is responsible for acquiring the data?
How does this even relate to programming, building software and tech in general?!

If this sounds intriguing or interesting, checkout my work with me page. You’ll find more info about me and my company there, as well as my preferred ways for you to get in touch.

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