My name is Erik and I’m a solution-oriented DevOps enthusiast, who believes the best way to generate value in a software company is by tearing down walls and helping developers deliver new functionality faster. On top of this, I like to share my experiences – predominantly in text form – on the blog that I host on this site.

Work wise I run my own consultancy company (Request for Coffee) which focuses on helping companies adopt best practices from DevOps and Agile. The assignments I take on are seldom alike. Sometimes I am brought in to strengthen an existing platform team, whereas other times I help clients both with analysing their existing way-of-working as well as guide them along the way to their new goals.

When I’m not working I spend my time with my family, as a music leader in our church, training for my next triathlon or fiddling with my home automation.

If this sounds intriguing or interesting, checkout my work with me page. You’ll find more info about me and my company there, as well as my preferred ways for you to get in touch.

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