In order to win the marketplace, your company must deliver higher quality software – faster. I emphasize faster, because if you make speed your highest priority, you will see benefits in all parts of your organization.

I believe we achieve this by enabling developers to take complete ownership of the service or product they are expected to deliver. This will start a positive feedback loop where teams feel more confident experimenting, releasing new features, and taking accountability for their deliverables.

Unfortunately, the reality for many companies today is the opposite. Their portfolio consists of software bogged down with technical debt, which leads to lower quality deliveries, that gets released at an ever decreasing pace; because no one feels confident that the next release will actually work as expected. In today’s competitive market, this will ultimately lead to higher turnover rates and difficulty recruiting new talent.

You will lose the marketplace.

I believe we break the downward spiral by looking at both: (1) your organization and how you divide work between your teams, as well as (2) your software architecture, tech stack, and tools. If you want to learn more about how I use tools from the DevOps toolbox to help organizations and teams shorten their lead time and increase their revenue, get in touch and let’s discuss how we can work together.

DevOps is speed, which is achievable when your operations department enables the development department to take complete ownership of their services.