I help teams increase their throughput and organizations improve the quality of their software deliveries.

Despite having experience with all of the following, I do not want to label myself. I am not a developer, an architect, a coach, nor a manager. When we work together, I want you to ignore the role you think you need and focus on what problems your organization are facing and how we can collaborate to overcome them. If you strictly want a [insert very specific job role here] there’s likely a better fit for you out there. But if you need a flexible person, who can help you assess your current situation and contribute in multiple ways to take your organization closer to delivering higher quality products in a less stressful way, I urge you to continue reading.

My Modus Operandi is to use the most suitable tool for a particular issue. More often than not, the tool originates from the Agile or the DevOps movements, and – as I am allergic to the not invented here mentality – I strive to stand on the shoulders of giants and reuse battle tested concepts as opposed to reinventing the wheel.

For the most up-to-date info, please consult my resumé, but shortly; I have:

  • technical knowhow and experience with software development;
  • worked with different software stacks and tools to implement and maintain testing, integration & delivery pipelines;
  • led Cross Functional Teams (XFTs) using Scrum, Kanban & SAFE, and coached the team members in Agile and DevOps principles;
  • experience as a manager and understand what it means to lead a large organization;
  • a good understanding of DevOps, as defined by Kim et al..

If the above resonates with you, let’s get in touch! The easiest way to reach me is via email, but feel free to use LinkedIn if you prefer.