My goal is to help organisations better understand and embrace the power of iterative improvements. I have a large interest in automation and feedback, and how these concepts can be applied to increase revenue in software development companies.

I’m convinced that companies which strive to automate as much of their software lifecycle as possible as well as are attentive to their customers’ needs, will deliver higher quality software at a faster pace. I can help your organisation achieve this.

My background

My career started with software development and I still write code on a daily basis. However, it’s not much Java SpringBoot any more. Instead, I write code to automate processes (Python and Bash) and codify infrastructure (Terraform, Packer as well as Ansible).

After a couple of years as a developer, my career pivoted towards leadership. I have worked as a Scrum Master and a Team Facilitator, where I have helped teams find their best way of working. I also spent six months as acting Line Manager at Ericsson.

My offering

My two biggest strengths are that I have done a little bit of everything and that I always strive to improve. I understand management’s point of view, sale’s, operation’s as well as the developers’. All parts of the organisation usually want to achieve similar things: Remove hurdles, increase speed, shorten the feedback loop, get better results, increase profit; but they see different ways there. Together, we find a common way.

Today, I lead a small consultancy: Request for Coffee. RFC focus on everything DevOps, be it strategic or practical, with a strong focus on combining technical know how with leadership and management skills to help organisations deliver software faster. I call myself a DevOps Transformation Leader and I believe that DevOps will do to software development what Lean did to manufacturing.

Let’s transform your organisation, together.

Get in touch

If this sounds intriguing or interesting, please reach out so we can talk more. I prefer emails, but LinkedIn is fine too. Add a 🚀 in the subject and I’ll prioritize replying to your message!