Work with me

I see myself as a person who implement DevOps. I am not a Software Developer nor an IT Operations Engineer. This means that I do not have the ambition to know everything about a certain (or several) programming language(s). It also means that I will never be the most knowledgeable when it comes to infrastructure as code implementations.

What I do have is the following:

  • a broad understanding of various technologies;
  • experience designing and implementing continuous integration and deployment pipelines;
  • an eagerness to ensure the teams and companies I work with deliver at the top of their ability;
  • people and leadership skills;
  • an agile mindset and background facilitating several XFTs;
  • a good understanding of DevOps, as defined by Kim et al.;

I want to work with companies that have decided that DevOps is the way to go, but maybe don’t know how to implement the processes that DevOps stipulates. I can assist you in all aspects of “implementing DevOps”, be it communication with stakeholders or between departments, or getting my hands dirty and help out implementing better versioning, continuous integration/deployment pipelines, application monitoring, etc.

I also gladly work with companies well on their DevOps journey, who need an experienced Scrum Master/Team Facilitator/Agile Coach to help new/junior teams. In such a role, I want to be part of a team and spend part of my time contributing to the team’s daily work. This ensures I have a good understanding of the team’s impediments and stay relevant.

The easiest way to reach me is via email, but feel free to use LinkedIn if you prefer.