I’m convinced that companies which strive to automate as much of their software lifecycle as possible and are attentive to their customers’ needs, will deliver higher quality software at a faster pace. I can help your organisation achieve this.

My background

I hold a B.Sc. and a M.Sc.Eng in Computer Science as well as a M.Sc. in Computer Science, Algorithms, Languages and Logic – all from Chalmers University of Technology. I concentrated my masters studies to machine learning, artificial intelligence and optimisation and wrote both my theses on machine learning topics1. During my studies I worked part-time at a machine learning startup, founded by a Chalmers professor. I took a class for the professor and was offered a position at the end of the semester.

Post graduating I worked as a software developer but quickly understood that my interest is predominantly in what and why we write certain code, not necessarily how. Therefore, the trajectory of my career has taken me through roles like Scrum Master, Team Facilitator and Line Manager until I eventually found my preferred way of working as a consultant.

My offering

Today, I lead a small consultancy company: Request for Coffee, through which I focus on everything DevOps, be it strategic or practical. I call myself a DevOps Transformation Leader and I really believe that the methods that have been rejuvenated by the DevOps boom can do to software development what Lean did to manufacturing.

I’m a developer – sort of – but the code I write is not the kind that makes its way into an app on your phone, an embedded device in your car, or onto a webpage. Instead, I write code which helps the people developing those things do a better job. I automate processes and write pipelines, using Python and Bash, and I codify infrastructure using tools like Terraform, CDK and Ansible. My favourite thing is to create and setup tools for other developers to use2 and then teach the importance of these tools and how they can be used to make better decisions about what to develop next.

I’m also a teacher, presenter, leader and coach – sort of. I have chosen the consultancy road and consultancy assignments aren’t meant to last forever. (My preferred assignment length is more like a year or two.) When my assignment comes to an end, I will have failed if your organisation cannot continue to reap the benefits of the work we have accomplished together. If our paths cross again, I want to hear about how you were able to build on top of what we built together and how you have been continuously improving ever since.

Get in touch

If this sounds intriguing or interesting, please reach out so we can talk more. I prefer emails, but LinkedIn is fine too. Add a 🚀 in the subject and I’ll prioritize replying to your message!

Let’s transform your organisation, together.

  1. My theses can be found on these links: B.Sc ThesisM.Sc Thesis

  2. Roles focusing exclusively on this kind of work are commonly referred to as platform engineer (or maybe DevOps engineer, if the company has not quite understand what DevOps is).