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Dell U4021QW (Update)

In an earlier post, I wrote about my struggles to find a monitor setup that satisfies my quite modest requirements, as well as my initial encounter with the ...

Making macOS useable

I have been living without a laptop for over a year. Well, not really; I have had “work laptops”, but those have changed frequently as I have switched employ...

SLIs, SLOs, and SLAs

I just watched a Google Cloud Tech talk from 2019 called: DevOps Vs. SRE: Competing Standards or Friends. You can watch it on YouTube, HERE and if you want t...

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Two new projects, learning Svelte

Late April, a friend of mine asked the following questions in an IRC Channel: “Anyone knows where to find info about all Brazilian specialty coffees in Swede...

Python project template using Poetry

Lately, I have come to favor Poetry for both small and larger Python projects. I also use it extensively at work where it has proven itself really well. To m...

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Running Linux with RX Radeon 5500 XT

TL;DR: I have done the following, it is unclear to me exactly what is required. Maybe one day I’ll do a fresh install and try one thing at the time…

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Machine Learning and FreeNAS

TL;DR: I have finally found a reasonable way of conducting machine learning “research” with the help of my FreeNAS.

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