Upgrading the Linux Kernel manually is simple!

Download Kernel

Find the Kernel you want at the kernel-ppa and download the .deb-files of interest (4 in total).

If you are reading this article, you want to download:

linux-headers-*_all.deb linux-headers-*generic*_amd64.deb linux-image-unsigned-*_amd64.deb linux-modules-*_amd64.deb

For instance, if you want to download the Linux 5.6 Kernel, the files are:


Put them all somewhere nice, like in: ~/Downloads/5.6.0/

Install Kernel

It’s as simple as running sudo dpkg -i *.deb in whichever directory you chose to put your .deb-files.

Make the Kernel bootable

If you are using grub, I think all is fine here, but I’m running systemd-boot so according to Frank there are some extra steps. Head over to his site and read from Copying the installed kernel to make it bootable and down.