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Late April, a friend of mine asked the following questions in an IRC Channel: “Anyone knows where to find info about all Brazilian specialty coffees in Sweden?” “Not yet”, I replied, “but soon!”

The very same friend also mentioned Svelte, an (according to the developers): “radical new approach to building user interfaces”. Svelte’s selling feature is a compile step which generate vanilla JavaScript and minimize the amount of work required by the browser.

At the time of the question, I had never written a web app. This website is based on GitHub Pages and my only previous experience with webpages come from various off-the-shelf blogs like blogg.se and workpress, and from using Squarespace. But I was up for the challenge and started hacking around! At the time of writing I have not one – but two – Svelte apps up and running! 😁


Kaffefiltret.se is an attempt to aggregate Sweden’s selection of specialty coffee. The ultimate goal is to create a place where micro roasters can reach more coffee drinkers, and where coffee drinkers can learn more about what each micro roaster offers.

Kaffefiltret.se logo


During a (virtual) fika at work, a colleague asked: “Is tomorrow a holiday?” We [my colleagues and I] are frequent users of pages like ärdetfredag.se, so I thought to myself that something similar is needed for checking whether a day is a holiday.

I give you: ärdethelgdag.se, which at the time of writing this post (a Sunday), declares that it is indeed a holiday today (but that tomorrow is a work day).

Printscreen of ärdethelgdag.se